Switchy Power-2

₹7000  ₹7999

Switchy Power-2 is a home automation module that makes your high power appliances such as Geyser's, AC's, Washing Machine, Refrigerator etc smart.

With this module you can control your devices from anywhere or just automate them. It seamlessly integrates with existing switches and seats itself inside the switch board without anybody even noticing it.

This Module can control 2 loads of upto 3500W. Your Physical switches still work so you can use them when your mobile is inaccessible.

  • Features

  • Technical Specifications

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    • Control 2 devices Each Module can control four devices of 3300W each.
    • Set Schedules Automate your devices by setting timers
    • No Hub Required Just Switchy Power-2 is enough to make your home smart.
    • Retrofit Design Existing switches work along with the App.
    • Modular Approach Add any number of module now or in future and control from the same app.
    • Easy Installation No rewiring or replacing of switches. Takes just 10mins to install.
  • Input/Output Voltage 230V/50Hz
    Power Consumption 1 W
    No of Channels 2
    Power Per Channel 3300W
    Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11.b/g/n
    Security AES256-SHA256
  • Downloads
    Switchy Brochure
    Installation Video
    Connect Switchy to Wi-Fi

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    Switchy App Configuration

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    Alexa Integration
    Google Assistant Integration

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